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We have to be in it to win it!

Updated: Jun 28

Last evening your Medina Women's GOP hosted Sheriff Terry Grice at the Medina Library. Sheriff Grice shared many statistics about our county and just a few of the outstanding programs that help keep our community safe. One such program provides our young drivers with a fabulous education far surpassing that available in their Driver's Education classes. He spoke about those who are incarcerated, and the programs available to help them develop the skills they need to reenter the community. Please join us in thanking Sheriff Grice and the many departments that work tirelessly in collaboration to ensure our safety and make the 421.5 square miles and almost 27,000 people proud to call Medina County home!

We talked about our Committee volunteers and how we all need to Be In It To Win It! Our County Recorder, Linda Hoffmann, stated "All of us have Time, Talent and Treasure" to share with our movement and ensure a win for Republicans in the next critical election in November! Let's carry on Sheriff Grice's example of effective collaboration for the win!

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